This listing is for a custom BLUE power cell version.
Display automatically ramps up and resets.
PIC microcontoller.
Speed control.
Bright BLUE 10mm LEDs.
Also includes 4 bright Cyclotron RED light assemblies, wired as shown (4 PCB x 5 bright RED LEDs).
24-inch (600 mm) wires between main board and cyclotron lights, with screw terminals.
Power supply DC - 8 to 12V (You can use the 9V battery). Battery not included.
Overall dimensions PCB - 113mm x 40mm (4.45" x 1.57") and 4x PCBS diameter 25mm (diameter 0.98").

GhostBusters Movie Prop - Proton Pack BLUE Power Cell light kit - сглобен

  • Модел: 9970
  • Наличност: В наличност

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